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Geographical boundaries shall create no hurdles for one to achieve their dreams – especially if such aspirations are for higher education and for better opportunities. Today we live in the Global Village – a world where everyone can call it a home – where the possibilities are limitless. At Energy Education and Career Counselling – we thrive in guiding aspiring students to realize their dreams, attain their goals, enhance & unleash their true potentialities and most importantly - to explore…

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Study Abroad

Once the students have sat for their final exam at various local testing centers in Dang, Energy Education prospective students for their higher education in foreign countries. To select the right college and university for a Nepali student is very difficult, but well-trained counselors provide all the necessary information about colleges and universities and the lengthy processing system for the student visa application in various embassies. Energy ECC’s student counselors undergo an intensive training before they are delegated to provide any information on colleges or universities in the S.Korea, UK, Australia,Japan, Canada, Europe Once the students have sat for their…

Test Preparation

Dear students and parents, I hearty would like to welcome to all of you to Energy Education & Career Counselling and I would like to thank you for visiting our website. You have decided to read this preface to our brochure and hope that you may get your expectation without…

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How To Apply For VISA Of Korea?

1. Application Process Select “Application” >> “E-Visa(Individual)” on the Visa Portal (www.visa.go.kr) 2. Applicant Application must be submitted by a foreigner or the sponsor on behalf of the foreigner 3. Applicable Status […]


Why is Australia the best place to live in?

Australia is a nation with fast growing economy and countless opportunities for its national and international students. Life in the growing cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth is […]