How To Apply For VISA Of Korea?

1. Application Process

Select “Application” >> “E-Visa(Individual)” on the Visa Portal (

2. Applicant

Application must be submitted by a foreigner or the sponsor on behalf of the foreigner

3. Applicable Status of Stay (as of Dec.8.2014)

  • Professor (E-1), Researcher (E-3), Technical Instructor/Technician (E-4), and Professional (E-5) Visa for the applicant and Dependent Family (F-3) Visa for his/her accompanying family members.
  • Foreign Notional of Special Ability (E-7) visa for the applicant and Dependent Family (F-3) Visa for his/her accompanying family members.
    – Qualification : the applicant must be an expert in advanced science and technology and have an official employment recommendation letter (a.k.a. GOLD CARD)
  • Short-term General (C-3-1) Visa for a prospective investor invited by a promotion agency of the Immigrant Investor Scheme for Public Business and his/her accompanying family members
  • Short-term Group Tourist (C-3-2) Visa for Chinese group tourists who can apply for their Visa through a designated travel agency
  • Short-term Medical Tourist (C-3-3) or Recuperation & Treatment (G-1-10) Visa for foreign patients and their caregivers who are invited by an ‘outstanding medical facilitator’ designated as e-Visa agency.
  • Business Visitor (General) (C-3-4) visa for an invitee of a domestic company- Qualifications : A foreigner who has entered Korea 3 times or more with a Short-term (C-3) Visa since the implementation of the fingerprint confirmation system for foreigner on Jan. 1, 2012, and who has no history of illegal stay or criminal cases

※ Please refer to the Visa Navigator for more details.

4. Required Documents

  • Visa Application Form (electronic form on the Visa Portal)
  • Scanned image files of passport pages
  • Digital Photograph (in natural color, size: 3.5cm x 4.5cm)
  • Fee (credit card for e-Payment)
  • Required documents for respective status of stay (soft copy)- Please refer to the guide on required documents for each type of visa on the Visa Navigator or to the Visa Information on the website of a respective diplomatic office.